Predefined quick filter - setup process for Splitter is simply lame

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Predefined quick filter - setup process for Splitter is simply lame

#1 Post by Forez » 25.12.2019, 18:29

I had two predefined quick filter icons on my Splitter for something like a year or two - but I just spent something like 15 minutes trying to locate the options that made them show in the first place what they were showing. And I finally got it: it was the box located at

Tools > Settings > Quick search / filter / starter

I just cannot believe it. The predefined quick filters go from 1 to 9- but the user has to manually count how many

Code: Select all

sign are written there in that box to know which filter [in form of an icon on the Splitter] will show what content [if there is a content matching the criteria to be shown]???

I am a long time FC user and I am active on the forum. And I did see that box in the first minute or so of my search, but skipped it deeming it to be impossible for it to be governing that what I was trying to customize. Bbut nevertheless I did skip it but not only because some sort of a list going from 1 to 9 was absent there, but also I skipped it on behalf that I it had more than two filters written in it. Those filters I did not have on my Splitter so I completely forgot about them. So what I am saying is this: I was mislead by the lack of 1-9 list and by content that I myself had put there- but that second facet would not be a factor in this I this option was in some other form [like a list going from 1 to 9]. ERGO: setup of this option is inconvenient and can create further misleads

And also: why cannot the user decide how many predefined quick filters there can be [at least in form of an icon on the Splitter]? Now I will use 8 out of 9 possible ones and in some future will have to make some hard choices about what to have predefined

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