Setting default search path in "Search In folders"

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Setting default search path in "Search In folders"

#1 Post by Valhalla » 10.02.2019, 22:17

I have an external hard drive and when I search I look in 2 different parent folders and everything under them. So I have something like this in the "Search In Folders box" :

C:\Look\Downloads;;F:\Other Downloads

I have to choose this from the dropdown every time I go into the search window. Isn't there a way to set this as the default so it comes up every time so I do not have to select it???


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Re: Setting default search path in "Search In folders"

#2 Post by Dreamer » 10.02.2019, 22:46

Which version are you using? This topic is in the wrong category, probably. Make sure you are using the latest version, XE.

Add folders you need to the Search in Folders field, create new profile in Profiles tab and select option in menu Options > "Open first profile on start".

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