Confusing drive display in FreeCommander

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Confusing drive display in FreeCommander

#1 Post by madamx » 29.11.2018, 03:57


The drive display in FreeCommander is sometimes confusing. For example, a drive may occasionally appear in the drive bar while the files in the window belong to another. As a result, I accidentally deleted a folder because I thought I was in the wrong drive.


Example: In the screenshot drive "Z" and in the tab bar the folder "Z: Archiv 2018" are displayed, whereas I am in fact on drive "C" in the libraries \ documents. But because the font of the wrong ad is shown in bold and the correct one as normal, it is easy to come to a wrong conclusion.

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Re: Confusing drive display in FreeCommander

#2 Post by Marek » 01.12.2018, 22:03

If you can always reproduce the problem then make the detailed step by step description so we can reproduce it too.
What is your program version?

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