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Fourth best skateboards: Ancheer

There is yet another American skateboard-manufacturing factory known as the Ancheer. Due to the competence in the quality of their products, Ancheer has found its way into several states internationally, namely, Los Angles, California, Taiwan, and China. The company is always up to offering the best services at the most affordable cost to its customers and hence maintaining a constant rapport with them.

Ancheer skateboards are quite popular due to their multipurpose use. They are generally fitted with PU wheels, which assure the rider comfort typically while riding irrespective of the nature of the ground without compromising on the speed. The wheels usually have ABEC 7 metal bearings, which complement the wheels with stability and durability. Besides, the Ancheer board’s deck is made of 9-layered Maplewood, which ascertains the user of a durable product. The aluminum trucks typically help reduce vibrations by acting as the shock absorbers during a ride. With Ancheer skateboards, you can freely ride in the rain because they usually have a firmly fixed grip tape which covers the whole surface of the deck.

Necessarily, Ancheer can cater to almost all the needs of the customers and thus, is ranked high in the market. See also: Top 8 Best Skateboard For Beginners

Fifth best skateboards: SCSK8

This is the fifth in the ranking. It is best for beginners because they are designed for starters. They have very few features, and hence their production cost is meager; this ultimately explains why they are often cheap in the market. However, the fact that they have few fitted features makes most skateboarders avoid them.


The SCSK8 longboards have a seven-ply maple deck and a grip tape on its surface for a firm stand while riding the board. This combination gives the board a powerful and spongy nature. They usually have cheap quality 70mm Pu wheels. These skateboards are not so sightly, but you can be sure that they will help you polish your skating skills very fast without much strain.

Sixth best skateboards: Penny

The Penney nickel skateboard is the next in ranking. The skateboard will make your skating fun. They are quite durable and ascertains your stability and a very smooth ride. The Penny boards have a brilliant look that catches the attention of most people. The penny board can serve you for any ride and is recommended for beginners who try to master skating and for you when you would wish to remind yourself of some old school rides.

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This durable skateboards designed by Ben Mackay and his team typically have a width of 27 inches and a height of 7.5 inches. It has a plastic layer thick enough to resist wear and tear for quite a long time.

Seventh best skateboard: Ridge

This started as a small skateboard private business but have of late been able to climb up the ladder of success to the point of recognition as one of the most renowned skateboard manufacturing companies in the world. Ridge has been thriving on the fact that they can make quality affordable products, something that attracts a vast number of customers worldwide. To ensure that your ride is quite comfortable, smooth, and with a reasonable degree of flexibility, they make their products out of polyurethane. Furthermore, their stability and artifact are enhanced by the use of the super soft 87A yellow bushings. Ridge will be your best source for cruiser boards!

Eighth best skateboard: minority

This will be the last brand that we will consider among the best beginner skateboard in the current market. Minority skateboards are of very high quality and assure its customers of excellent performance. This company started as just a project under BOING industry and like a ridge, have been able to gain trust among many skateboarders over time, owing to its ability to produce quality products.

These boards are considered, as heavy-duty skateboards because their exceptional performance can withstand harsh weather. They have the 7-layer-ply maple for a deck and aluminum trucks, which adds to the resilience of these boards.


This exposition gives you an in-depth view of the eight best skateboard brands that suits all the needs of any skateboarder be it a beginner a, a learner or an experienced skateboarder. I believe that with this, you will be in a position to make the best choice when choosing a skate for whichever purpose you would wish.

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