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#1 Post by angang » 10.05.2008, 14:36

I tried to run freecommander on Linux + wine, but it does not work ...

Total comander, ultra explore also xplorer 2 works...

For me, freecommander is by far the best.

Would it be possible to improve compatibility with wine ?

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#2 Post by braykov » 12.05.2008, 04:35

I think you should better ask wine to improve compatibility with FreeCommander.

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Re: linux

#3 Post by Marchandd » 25.03.2015, 15:34

In 2015, there is another way if you do not want to install a lot of tools on your Linux OS while exploiting the latest version of FreeCommander (2009.02b) Portable-App.
Install Virtual Docker Environment and use my Docker container that is easy to install: ... ecommander
It is not fully operational but should be OK for the majority of your main uses.
Best regards
Marchand D.

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