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Share your portable drag 'n drop favorite tools

Posted: 20.04.2008, 08:56
by Mar2zz
It would be nice to have a topic where we share our favorite portable and freeware/opensource programs that you use in favorite FC-tools. Hope its ok to make a topic like this here, so others can also contribute programs to it.

I discovered not all programs support drag 'n drop in the way of loading the files also (all programs start, but not all programs load the files/folders dropped on it).I discovered a few and made favorite tools out of it.

Here is a list, maybe you know more portable/freeware/open source tools that support the file/folderloading also:
Rename Master: Filebatch renamer
VirtualDub: Video-editor
Wavosaur: Audio-editor
XnConvert: Photo batch convert/resize
XnView: Photo-editor
AbiWord: Word-editor
Notepad ++: Advanced editor
Mediainfo: Video- and audiocodec info
Portable VLC player: Video en audio player (codec-independend)
KMPlayer: Video en audioplayer (codec-independend)
MP3Tag: Musictagger
Winlame: MP3 Encoder
Imageshackert: host pics on imageshack
Portable Winamp Lite: Musicplayer/codec independend
Portable Foobar: Music player/tagger/converter/codec independend
Sumatra PDF: pdf viewer
Portable 7-zip: File compressor/decompressor

(most apps are available on (do not install, but unzip the program.paf.exe in a folder).

Posted: 05.06.2008, 10:12
by outwindow
good jobs.

Posted: 09.06.2008, 06:48
by granny
great idea, here are a few I tried that work, all of these can be found at their own websites, and also at

1by1 -- tiny <100 kb audio player mp3 & wav, add more plugins for more formats
Billy --- another tiny audio player
Paintbox --- simple graphics editor
Greenfish icon and cursor editor
KeyNote --- tabbed tree-style note-taker / PIM app, drag&drop only works with its own *.knt files
CrazyBrowser --- tabbed web browser based on Internet Explorer engine, fast and small, only 450 KB, I use it to read html help and archived web pages
File Seeker --- super-fast search tool, drop a folder on it and enter your key word
OmZiff --- small and easy-to-use file encryption tool (won't do folders)