FC for 64-Bit Windows

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FC for 64-Bit Windows

#1 Post by Norbert » 25.02.2008, 02:05

I use FC on Windows XP Pro x64 and it works really fine.

But there is one problem: When I navigate for example to the directory "%windir%\system32" then this address will be shown in the addressline, but the system redirects it actually to the directory "%windir%\SysWOW64". This behavior can be proved with the (64-bit-)Windows-Explorer: The contents of these two folders are different, while FC shows in both cases the same, which is the contents of "%windir%\SysWOW64".

So, to my question: Will there be in future a version of the FreeCommander to support 64-Bit Windows? If yes, please not only for Vista, like many other new apps.

Thank you very much in advance.

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#2 Post by cronner » 01.04.2008, 16:00

would be REALLY nice to see a 64bit compiled version it should fix that! :D

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#3 Post by Norbert » 11.04.2008, 20:05

I got an answer in the german forum, where I'm a member of.
Marek told me there, that a 64bit version will be available as soon as Delphi supports 64bit. But that might last a while, perhaps until next year. :roll:

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#4 Post by ingmar » 29.10.2008, 14:08

:?: Any update on when an x64 compiled version will be available ?

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#5 Post by ingmar » 04.02.2009, 15:59

:?: I'm still eager to use FreeComander in x64. Any update on when that version might be available ?

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#6 Post by clanman » 11.02.2009, 09:32

I wouldn't expect a 64 bit version of (in the current stream) FC any time soon as the support of this stream is due to finish with the next release. See the announcement The future of FreeCommander at the top of the General Discussion forum.

Here is the link

Using FC 2009.02c on XP (SP1, SP2, SP3), Vista and W2K3 server

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will you release a real 64-bit version of FreeCommander?

#7 Post by baijianpeng » 13.12.2009, 08:31

hi, Marek,

I am using Windows 7 64-bit, though the 32-bit FreeCommander can run on win7 64-bit, I noticed that it can't call the system shell commanders.

Hope you can make a real 64-bit FC soon.


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#8 Post by marryjohnson » 15.12.2009, 06:05

We have windows 2003 server 64-bit, r2sp2, coldfusion 8.01 64-bit, SQL
2005 developer 64-bit having some configuration issues wondering about
FC's support for 64-bit and of any known issues.

Should this work?

The issue we run into is during the installation when configuring the
database, we created a new and empty database and created the DSN in
the CF admin. It says the database is not found and that we don't have
Microsoft SQL Server, when in fact we do.

Any help would be great. Thanks everyone, excited to dive into FC.

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