Help Connecting other computers on a network

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Help Connecting other computers on a network

#1 Post by AndrewSWilson » 22.02.2014, 16:21

I am new to free commander and I am working with a gentleman that had it set up for him a few years ago. Long story short the person that setup the original 3 computers is not around to setup the last 2 that need done.

There is one main computer we can call it A1. There is an exact backup copy of A1 called A2. There is a third mess around computer that can access the files of A1 but can't push files back into it called A3. I need to create A4 and A5.

On A1 I can see A4 and A5 but on both of them I cannot access any of A1's files - it says they do not exist although I am looking right at them. Anyone with experience in doing this, help would be very much appreciated.


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Re: Help Connecting other computers on a network

#2 Post by joby_toss » 22.02.2014, 17:22

So, it works OK if you access the files using Windows Explorer, but not FC (what version)? You should use the latest FC XE, not FC 2009.

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