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Joe Campton
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Full Page Mouse

#1 Post by Joe Campton » 10.05.2012, 04:30

I have recently re installed Free Commander in my WinXP and I have lost my status bar and now have a full page mouse.

Full Page Mouse

Free Commander has 2 panels. The left panel lists directories and the right panel lists files.If I have say 25 files in a certain directory then the first 19 will appear. With a Full Page Mouse . if I click the scroll wheel on my mouse all 19 items disappear and files #20 to #25 appear.

In the past, a scroll bar appeared in this panel and I could use me mouse to bring up files 2 thru 20 or 3 thru 21 etc etc

I want the scroll bar back.

I have re installed 3 times with the same results



I hope this is clear.

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