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Joe Campton
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Editing Right-Click Menu

#1 Post by Joe Campton » 06.03.2012, 21:30

Is it possible to edit the right-click menu on Free Commander?

I have expanded the page because of eye problems and now the "delete and rename" items have fallen out of view and I use these very often.

Many items in this menu are of no use at all to me.


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Re: Editing Right-Click Menu

#2 Post by Scott_Y » 06.03.2012, 21:42

The right-click menu in FC is determined by Windows, not FC. It is therefore the same context menu as in Windows Explorer. You might look into utilities which can edit that menu.

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Re: Editing Right-Click Menu

#3 Post by mdparlette » 02.06.2012, 09:53

I also am interested in having a different or modified right click menu. The one in FC is totally different from the one in Windows Explorer and there are commands in the WE context menu I need access to. The one on FC has View, Sort by, Filter, Favorites, Refresh, Paste, New, and Properties. That's it.
I have been a user of FC for about 12 years, maybe, and have never had the right click menu offer the same commands as Windows Explorer.

Am I doing something wrong?

Also, on a filtered search, say for *.PDF, I'd love to have the right click menu have the WE offering of those commands specific to the file extensions; in this case the WE context menu offers: Combine supported files in Acrobat, which is an installed application.

In FC I only have available in the right click menu, performing the same task (filtered search, *.PDF), and upon selection in the search box - Display in Active Panel, Display in Inactive Panel, Open, View, Edit. Delete, and Properties.

Am I doing something wrong?

I am looking at "<un-named competition>" filemanager, which has an interface similar to FC and in that filemanager I am able to accomplish all right click commands available on this Windows 7 machine.

So, I am going to go back into Setting for the umpteenth time and see what I may or may not have done to limit my enjoyment of this, the finest filemanger on the planet.

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Re: Editing Right-Click Menu

#4 Post by ralfso » 02.06.2012, 12:10

There are two context menus, one for clicking in free place and one for clicking on an item.
And maybe there are some entries of 64bit application which may be absent (http://www.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pu ... gsc.page=1)

For adding or deleting context entries, especially for cleaning context of mediafiles, you can try ContextEdit (http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-ti ... ntextedit/)

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