Shift+Click selection not working properly

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Shift+Click selection not working properly

#1 Post by bugmenot » 17.01.2010, 18:40

When I use Shift+Click to select in thumbnail view, FC is selecting the wrong items.

Instead of selecting everything between the last file selected and the one I clicked on, it selects everything in a rectangle with the two at opposite corners.

Is there a fix for that?

Thank you

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Re: Shift+Click selection not working properly

#2 Post by wadja0 » 19.01.2010, 22:17

I'm sorry I'm not posting an answer for you. I just wanted to say that it is a problem for me as well. That's pretty much the only, lets say feature, which Windows Explorer [ugh :( ] does better then FreeCommander. I would like it if FC treated any view as Details view in way of using Shift + left-click for making file selections. This [current] way it just makes a square selection... :( Anyway, I've got used to living with it, but I would still love it if it was changed for the better.

Regards :D

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