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FTP problem

Posted: 11.11.2009, 10:33
by spyfox
Hello all ! :)

I have one little question. How can I connect to FTP-server if my LAN behind the proxy and all connection going through it.

Posted: 12.11.2009, 00:15
by matera
In the connection Properties (right-click on connection name if it isn't open already) -- go to Connection details. There is a field for Proxy server.

Or open the global Settings dialog (Extras - Settings), and in the FTP pane there is a button labeled [Define] Connection - default options
It opens up the same dialog, and my guess is that you could define the proxy for all FTP connections there.

Best I can do, having no proxy of my own :)

Posted: 12.11.2009, 06:00
by spyfox
I have found this dialog box already, but I cant understand - witch type of proxy may I use. I'm not found any general types, like HTTP, SSL, FTP or SOCKS :(

Posted: 12.11.2009, 12:18
by bugmenot
i have the same Problem, is there a way to connect ftp over http? thx for help :)

Re: FTP problem

Posted: 17.11.2011, 09:39
by cbk
Has anyone found a way to connect to FTP through a proxy?