Does FreeCommander work on Windows XP 64-bit Pro?

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Does FreeCommander work on Windows XP 64-bit Pro?

#1 Post by ChiJoan » 26.04.2009, 17:05


I haven't installed this OS yet, as my 3 favorite programs don't support it, so I'm looking for alternatives. They are SystemSuite, Advanced System Optimizer and PowerDesk. I'm hoping to find the answer for PowerDesk here and suggestions for the others.

I think others know they need a system utility to allow both Windows explorer and PoweerDesk or FreeCommander to run at the same time or on the same PC. I ran into problems trying it on a PC with regular WinXP Pro Sp3. that I was repairing for a friend. True, I may be a little rusty as I'm learning Linux on my other computers.

Thanks for any help,
ChiJoan in Reno

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#2 Post by granny » 29.04.2009, 07:14

Well, I am not a "power" user, so I haven't used FC to its full potential, but almost everything I've tried with it works in Vista Home Premium 64-bit the same as it does in XP Pro 32-bit.

I use FC to sort and organize files, sync folders, rename files, pack and unpack archives. I use Quickview a lot to review image, audio, and video files. I configured FC to use my own software (kpad) as text viewer and editor (plain text and rich text).
More than anything, I guess I'm using it as a central "start menu" to access my favorite softwares, and for quick access to all the computer management modules.
I don't have network, so I don't know about FTP.

In other words, I find the features work the same way
, and so do the bugs! :)

I reported in Bug Reports the only bug I've come across that only happened in Vista -- the Control Panel toolbutton only displays Text To Speech, instead of the full list of Control Panel items like it does in XP.

I hope more Vista 64-bit users jump in and share their experiences ---
I didn't know before I got this laptop how much problems 64-bit can cause with some software. But so far, FC is working pretty well.

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