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FreeCommander 2009.02

Posted: 21.02.2009, 21:10
by Marek
FreeCommander 2009.02 has been released!

Important changes in the version 2009.02
  • New: Possibility to define several favorite toolbars.
    New: Flat view for files Ctrl+B
    New: Flat view for folders Ctrl+Shift+B
    New: Settings->Color/Font: Backgroundcolor for flat view
    New: Settings->Custom columns: Default profile for flat view
    New: Support side mouse buttons for back and forward navigation
    New: Multi rename - some new exif and mp3 properties added
    New: Automatically expand the tree view on tab change
    New: Action defined: Collapse selected node in the tree view
    Changed: Only one quick filter button
    Several bugs fixed