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Question about upgrading to new version

Posted: 09.08.2008, 06:50
by broby6
Is there a way to keep all my customized settings when I upgrade to a new version? There are so many ways to configure FC that I forget everything I did between upgrades.

By the way FC is an extremely useful and well thought out program. There is rarely a case when I can't get it to do what I want. Thanks for developing such an excellent program.

Posted: 09.08.2008, 07:12
by ralfso
Your settings are saved in the file "freecommander.ini" and your Shortcuts in the file "freecommander.shc".
Normally they are localized in you freecommander-install-folder.
You should allways have a safe copy of them.

For upgrading you can use the zip.file of the new freecommander version and extract the file to your freecommander-install-folder.
The settings will survive because the zip-file has no settings-files. Freecommander doesn't need an installation.
(zip-file at the bottom of

I don't know if the setup-routine installs a new "freecommander.ini", but if it does so you have your safe copy of the settings-files to put them back.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Posted: 09.08.2008, 09:10
by broby6
I used the zip file as you suggested, and that took care of my problem.

I appreciate the quick help.

Thanks again,

Bob Roby