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Tabs not inheriting proprieties bug

Posted: 27.07.2019, 10:25
by Forez
Long story short: after all these months I still find the inheriting properties by tabs very annoying and counterproductive [viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8176]. But recently it became even more annoying, because it is not even coherent- as apparently there is a bug concerning it

I started to use the Thumbnails View on a daily basis, which was not my thing since as long as I can remember. So what happens if e.g. in Left Panel I will turn on the Thumbnails but then for whatever reason decide to transfer content of it to the Right Panel, be it with CTRL + E or CTRL + U shortcut or their respective Splitter icons? It gets transferred. But what happens if the thumbnailed Tab in the Left Panel happens to a pinned down Tab? The folder also gets moved / swapped, but with the Thumbnails View reverted to a plain ordinary List

This bug makes the FC loose also probably any other view setting

This is the one time I need for a "new" Tab to inherit the settings of some other Tab- but instead of that it is by default displayed in the most basic form

Re: Tabs not inheriting proprieties bug

Posted: 27.07.2019, 15:41
by Dreamer
I'm not sure I fully understand this one, perhaps you could write some steps to reproduce, and also some screenshots?

I tried to set the thumbnails view for the left panel, ctrl+u - works good, drag&drop the tab to other panel to create a new tab, it works good either.

Are you using Automatic views option? If so, try to disable it - if not, try to start using it, it's useful and you can have the thumbnails view for some folders always, on any tab... I know it's just a workaround and there is probably some issue, but perhaps it could help you.

Re: Tabs not inheriting proprieties bug

Posted: 28.07.2019, 15:13
by Karol
I think, If something does not work the way we want it is not always a bug.
CTRl+E is "Same folder" and not "Same tab" or "Same view".
If you want to see on the other site the same folder with same view use "Ctrl+Alt+Right" or "Ctrl+Alt+Left".
In context menu on the tab you have also "Copy tab to other panel".