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change folder, name shown on tab doesn't update

Posted: 14.02.2019, 06:19
by kerbz
This happens all the time, but it is not every time, and I'm not sure what the difference is when it happens and when it doesn't (not sure exactly how to recreate it).

So, I am viewing a folder, and, then I will go to another folder, by doing one of: double-clicking the ".." folder at the top of the file list, or I will click the up-folder icon labeled "goes up one level", or I will select a favorite, or I will click on the a location up the current folder path shown below the tabs...

And... the window will then display the contents of the requested folder, but the tab's label at the top does not update to represent the new and correct folder whose contents are being viewed (it retains the name of the last-viewed folder).

Again, this does not happen *every* time, but it's pretty much constant, and, it is indeed a bit annoying, because to fix, I then double-click a folder in the current file list view and then go back up one, and then it updates. Ensuring tab names are correct is particularly important for me, because I am SO often choosing from the currently-open tab list (I keep LOTS of tabs open), and, i need the tab names to be correct in that list!


P.S. I am using latest 32bit public version 790a on fully updated Windows 10 1803

Re: change folder, name shown on tab doesn't update

Posted: 14.02.2019, 06:34
by kerbz
Okay, so, I select an open tab from the drop-down list, and that changes the folder currently being viewed.

I then navigate into a folder within (by double-clicking it).

Then I usually move 1 or more items into the folder (filing stuff away).

then I click to go back up one folder, and, that's when the name of the current tab being viewed doesn't update, but the pane contents DO update to the folder I requested to navigate to.