zip file "Extract all" contextual menu option bug

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zip file "Extract all" contextual menu option bug

#1 Post by kerbz » 08.02.2019, 03:22

This bug has actually existed a long time, across all 32-bit versions of the app and of Windows that I can remember using/testing it on, but, it's definitely not a huge issue and one that's easy to work around.

Anyway, so when I open the contextual menu on a zip file, and then click "Extract All...", an Extract All "window" does open and show its existence on the taskbar, but it opens behind FreeCommander, AND, when you switch to it, it's not a useful window. It has a close X on the right, and extends white space about 1 inch to the left, the same height as the close X area.

Now, why this isn't a huge issue, is that it only does this the first time you contextual-menu-Extract-All. So, after I close that useless window, the second time I select "Extract All...", the useful Extract All Windows Explorer interface window appears as normal and allows one to proceed with the unzipping of the zip file.

Anyway, I don't deal with zip files often, but still wanted to report this so maybe it would finally be addressed (or I would get an explanation as to why this is not a bug)!

Cheers and thank you!
My system: Windows 10 Home 1803 FreeCommander XE 2019 build 790a 32-bit (and 2017 b740, and 2016 b715, etc)

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