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Permissions problem with new version

Posted: 02.02.2019, 21:18
by a_edwall
The 2009.02b version works fine, but the new XE 2019 version messes up file permissions. When I try to open Visual Basic 5 by double-clicking on the .vbp file, then try to save that file after updating my version number, I get a "Path/File access error: "xxxxxxxxxxxx.vbp". It then creates a .tmp file and deletes my original .vbp file. The 2009.02b version does not do this. As you can imagine, this is very annoying.

Re: Permissions problem with new version

Posted: 03.02.2019, 20:05
by Marek
Is it 32 Bit FC version?
What happens if you make the double click on the same .vbp file in Windows Explorer?
How do you start FC, normal or elevated (as Admin)?
FC is not responsible for saving the file. FC does not create the .tmp file and not delete your .vbp. It must be the VisualBasic editor - I suppose.
What about rights in the folder?

Re: Permissions problem with new version

Posted: 07.02.2019, 13:41
by Zumwalt
Windows 7
FC XE 2019 Build 790a

I too recently upgraded to the latest FC, and have a similar problem.
I double-click a .ZIP file, it opens with 7-Zip, I delete a file inside the Zip, then there's an "Access Denied" message.
When I exit 7-Zip there is a copy of the ZIP file with ".tmp" appended. After a few seconds the original file goes away.
I have FC set to use windows to copy, move, and delete files.

If I move the focus on the file in FC to another file after, 7-Zip opens the file, the process works fine.

I recall having the same problem a couple of years back, and think there was a setting in FC that fixed it. But I spent some time searching and couldn't find it.

Re: Permissions problem with new version

Posted: 14.02.2019, 22:06
by Zumwalt
Note to self: View->Quick view panel, and every thing's beautiful.