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Settings folder name for Color scheme

Posted: 20.01.2019, 13:36
by johanponken
I installed the 790 public 32 zip (portable) in a fresh folder.
In the zip-file's "Settings" folder there is a folder "ColorSchemas".

The 786 public 32 zip had a "ColorSchemes" folder there.
… as mentioned in 771 changelog (2018-02-09) ... e59#p27094
- Changed: "Color schema" changed to "Color scheme"
I changed color scheme through the menu (View > Color schemes).
The scheme-files were then moved into a ColorSchemes folder.
(And a new theme file "FcCs_MyDefaultColorSchema.colors" was also saved there.)
The ColorSchemas folder was deleted.

So, it fixes itself, but migh be confusing.
(Possibly break something under circumstance X, but I wouldn't know.)

EDIT: added earliest changelog mention + link