Change of zoom when formatting

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Change of zoom when formatting

#1 Post by marcp » 03.01.2019, 22:27


When formatting a USB-stick or an SD-Card (i.e. right-click on the USB drive's icon either in the tree or in the list and selecting "Format..."), the FreeCommander main window shrinks to 50% of its size in the moment when the Formatting dialog window opens. Formatting dialog window remains at normal size, behaviour of the main FC window is not consistent (see screen shot, where menu items font size is also reduced; however, icons and window title are not). Sorry, since Formatting dialog seems to be a system dialog, it is still in German, but it should be self-explanatory.
Version: FreeCommander XE 2019, Build 790, 64-bit donor; running on a Windows 10 Pro (V 1803) 64-bit system. Screen size is 3000x2000px, the size of text, apps, etc. is set to 150%.


Thanks for the great work on FC.


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