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Icons Change

Posted: 25.11.2018, 14:36
by GregT
I have had this problem through many versions, I'm on version 878 x64(portable) presently. When I open FC XE all icons are as they should be but after awhile of doing normal actions(copying, moving, deleting, opening, etc.) the icons change to all different icons. Some are fine but others change to different file formats, even folder icons change. I close the program and reopen and everything is fine for a time then some icon change again. I believe it happens in the tree and the file/folder section also. Any body else experiencing this problem?

Re: Icons Change

Posted: 25.11.2018, 22:08
by Dreamer
Which OS? I had such problems, not in FC, in older Windows versions and web browsers, no problem now with Windows 10.

BTW, I think you mean build 787, right?

Re: Icons Change

Posted: 27.11.2018, 15:02
by GregT
Your correct about version. I got my numbers mixed up. I have two operating systems using FC XE. Win 7 Pro & Win 8.1 Pro.

Re: Icons Change

Posted: 01.12.2018, 16:00
by Forez
I also very rarely encounter this problem since I do not remember which version. And also take care of it the same way. I do not rember the details, but in my case it is something like one icon gets assigned to all of folders or some file formats recently used / viewed

But currently I am using FreeCommander XE 2018 Build 770 32-bit public on Windows 7 x64. And I did not start using FC until I installed that OS