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When in Plain View the æ / Æ in filename prevents audio players from loading them properly

Posted: 07.11.2018, 16:53
by Forez
Let's say than among many others you have "Folder 1" with file "Lux Æterna.flac" and "Folder 2" with file "Lux Æterna.mp3"- an that "1" is the sub-folder of "2". You can explore the folders, click any of your audio files and hear them instantly via Winamp 5.666. You can also select some files with those two included and still hear them in Winamp

And now you press CTRL + B thus switch to the Plan View Mode For Files. And you still can click a single file like "Lux Æterna.flac" or "Lux Æterna.mp3" [or probably in any other audio format, e.g. M4A, TTA, WAV, WV], no matter if it is in "1" or "2". But if you select more than one, drag the selection and drop it on Winamp, there will not be played: they show just a filename thus indicating lack of tag data thus missing file. And that does not happen if you turn off the Plain View and make the same or similar multiple file selection of the same files

So the problem is: Plain View cannot handle when sending files to Winamp the not so common character

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And not only Winamp as when I drag and drop multiple files on Media Player Classic, nothing happens- but I can rag and drop a single file named "Lux Æterna". Also BS.Player PRO 2.70 can play single dragged "Lux Æterna"- but when a bunch of files are dropped upon it, BS stops the playback after reaching the end of the last file that was not a "Lux Æterna" [i.e. stopping at the first sign of the problematic file]. And also VLC Media Player 3.0.1 can import via dragging and play single instance of it, but when more than one is loaded it only play those files that do not have the >>Æ<<, while at the same time showing message box with error saying e.g. "Your input can't be opened:VLC is unable to open the MRL 'file:///C:/Folder 1/Lux%20Aterna.mp3'. Check the log for details." please note how it specifically refers to that character in question, substituting it with the >>%<<]

This bug also is based on problems with that sign: ... =19&t=9022 [although those other signs out there do not cause this bug described in this thread]

And on the side note: I have nor recall having in the past such problems when sending such files to Mp3tag, be it by dragging and dropping or by pre-defined by me hotkey feature

I am using FreeCommander XE 2018 Build 770 32-bit public on Windows 7 x64

Re: When in Plain View the æ / Æ in filename prevents audio players from loading them properly

Posted: 10.11.2018, 12:07
by Forez
Also files like those [when being in FC in that Plain View Mode] are also not handled by TeraCopy 2.27

If a bunch of files are selected, only those without the æ / Æ are copied by TC, having their status described as CRC match; while those with æ / Æ are at the same time skipped, having their status described as "Open Error: The system cannot find the file specified.". But those problematic files can by copied in TC if only it is done on a one by one basis

And when they are moved, only those without æ / Æ are moved; while those with æ / Æ stay at the source. And also if moved one by one, TeraCopy has no problem with the Plain View Mode

Re: When in Plain View the æ / Æ in filename prevents audio players from loading them properly

Posted: 12.11.2018, 20:00
by Marek
Should be fixed in 787.