MS Publisher .pub files won't open in FC left panel

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MS Publisher .pub files won't open in FC left panel

#1 Post by jard9911 » 06.11.2018, 13:59

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MS Publisher .pub files won't open in FC left panel
I have Microsoft Publisher 2010 & 2016 installed on the same computer.
If I try to start a .pub in the left panel in Microsoft Publisher 2010 or 2016 it gets error:
"Publisher has detected a problem in the file you are trying to open. To protect your computer, Publisher will not open the file."
i.e. It ALWAYS gets the error starting it from the left panel.
It usually starts from the right panel.
If both panels have the same directory, and the same .pub name is selected/highlight in both panels, it will NOT even start in the right panel.
However, it always starts from the right panel as long as the left panel does not the same .pub selected.
It also always starts from a Windows explorer window unless the FC left panel has the same .pub selected.
i.e. This is the same behavior as the FC right panel.

For now, the workaround is to only have the dir with the .pub files open on the right FC panel, and always open the .pub file from the right panel.
Having a directory open on the left FC panel OTHER than one with .pub files eliminates accidentally having the same .pub file selected/highlighted on the left.

Screenshots are here:

Thanks, Ron Shaw

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Re: MS Publisher .pub files won't open in FC left panel

#2 Post by ralfso » 06.11.2018, 15:02

Do you have the quickview-window allways open in the opposite (right) FC-window?
Try to close the quickview-window. Maybe the file is in use by quickview and doesn't open because of this.

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