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Plain View does not remember selection after switching to another tab

Posted: 04.11.2018, 15:47
by Forez
If you have an ordinary list of files and / or folders in some tab and select anything from it in whatever combination- you can switch view in that Panel to some other tab, come back to that previous tab one and still see you selection

But if you turn on any of the 3 versions of the Plain View modes in being in it make some selection- then that selection no longer holds up if you change to tab [the list will be shown from the beginning]

Apparently the list in Plain View is loaded from some temp. And I say loaded and not created because the creation is done the very first time I plain the view- to which attest those few seconds I need to wait for FC to stop "merging" 75000 files from 25000 folders on my 10 000 SATA III HDD. But when I switch to some other tab and come back it only takes like 1 second to present me the same list from which nothing was removed or added to

Without the Plain View I simply could not do some things that I do. And it saves me a lot of time and clicks. However, not being able to go file by file down the created [merged] list while at the same time switching between tabs is simply annoying and counterproductive- I constantly need to go back to the place [file] on which my current selection [focus] was before leaving the tab with that special mode of viewing. It is almost as annoying as if the Plain View would turn off itself and I had to press CTRL + B every time I travel between tabs

I use FreeCommander XE 2018 Build 770 32-bit public on Windows 7 x64

Re: Plain View does not remember selection after switching to another tab

Posted: 04.11.2018, 15:55
by Forez
And it seems that rarely the selection hold up

When I have only 1 file selected and switch back and fort I sometimes can me my focus still being on that file that had it. But when I once more switch somewhere else [without moving the focus] and go back, I see the beginning of the list. And I cannot figure out if there is some pattern to this or those just just some random cases of the bug not manifesting itself