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[780 32-bit public beta] Several bugs in function "Synchronize folders"

Posted: 20.09.2018, 10:35
by ThomAC
Yesterday I upgraded from public version 770 to FreeCommander XE 2018 Build 780 32-bit public beta deutsch (via setup installed over the old version).

I found several bugs in the "Sync folders" function
(not sure how it is named because I am using the German version):
1)If I open the "Sync Folder" window, run a "Compare" and afterwards delete a file via right-mouse-click, the "Sync folders" window sometimes (not always) moves into the background (Freecommander main window comes to the foreground).

2) The "Sync folder" window is not refreshed after deleting one or several selected files via right-mouse-click. Thus you do not know whether anything happened and whether the selected files have been deleted or not. If you try again, then of course the message "System can not find the file specified" and then the display is updated. (German version: "System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden").

3) When I start a "Compare" (comparing the content of all folders and files) the program very often stops after comparing the very last file (Status bar says "Vergleichen <filename> 100%). So it looks like the comparison has been finished successfully but the "Sync folder" window is not updated/refreshed afterwards. Only the "Cancel" button is still enabled, which means I need to click on it, "Compare" again and hope that this time the "Compare" process is finished as it should be. Sometimes I have to do this several times until it works properly.

I understand that this version is named a BETA. But if this is the previous DONOR version, I would have expected that those bugs had been noticed by other users earlier. Or does this occur only on a few PCs, only after an update or only depending on the operating system?

I have Windows 7 64bit and Freecommander XE is always running as admin in order to gain access to system directories.

PS: Thanks anyway for this great tool !!! Has saved me a lot of work and time!

Re: [780 32-bit public beta] Several bugs in function "Synchronize folders"

Posted: 20.09.2018, 17:14
by Marek
1) and 2) was fixed in the 781.
If you have steps to reproduce the 3) then please send me the description.

Re: [780 32-bit public beta] Several bugs in function "Synchronize folders"

Posted: 21.09.2018, 12:03
by ThomAC
Thanks for the info about the bugfix.

Bug 3) does happen often but not always. Thus it might be difficult to reproduce. To be honest my PC is rather slow. But I am not sure if this has an influence.

Steps in the German version:
1. In the main window select a local folder on drive C: on the left and a local folder on drive D: on the right.
2. Open menu function "Ordner -> Synchronisieren...".
3. In the window "Ordner synchronisieren" select:
Unterorder = TRUE
Versteckte Elemente = TRUE
Leere Ordner = False
Name, Größe = TRUE
Datum = False
Prüfsumme = False
Inhalt = TRUE
4. Click on the button "Vergleichen".
5. While comparing the software continuously updates the status line at the bottom of the window.
There it shows the currently compared file with a text like "Vergleichen <filename> ...%".

When the comparison is finished it normally would:
- Update the status line and display a text like "Dateien: <number>" with the number of different files found.
- In addition it re-enables all the buttons at the top of the window (Vergleichen, Synchronisieren ...).

But in my case it often stucks at the last file compared:
- The status line still shows "Vergleichen <filename> 100%" with the name of the last file which needed to be compared. I assume this means the last compare has been finished without errors.
(In my case this file is always identical in both subfolders.)
- The status line is NOT updated anymore and does not show the final message "Dateien: ..." (number of different files found).
- The buttons at the top of the window (Vergleichen, Synchronisieren ...) are NOT re-enabled. Only the Button "Abbruch" can be clicked.
This means I can only click "Abbruch", try again and do this several times until the comparison ends as it should.

I hope this helps.


Re: [780 32-bit public beta] Several bugs in function "Synchronize folders"

Posted: 06.11.2018, 16:29
by atzv
I have issue 3) continuously, I just tried version 786. I am comparing two folders with identical subfolder structure. About 90% of the files in both folders have same names, but some files might have different content. Most of the files are in ASCII format with size less than 100KB and few larger DLLs. Total amount of files in each folder is not more than 300 with total size less than 50MB. I don't care about dates, but need to compare them by content (Compare by Content check box is checked, Date and Checksum are not). 'Show' buttons remain grayed out after comparison is completed (100%) and I need to click on Cancel button to be able to click on them.
After that I have another issue: Even if 'show equal' button was not selected, I see all files that are equal (the 'black' rows). I need to click this button twice (to select then unselect) in order to hide equal files.
It would be also great if there is option to run automatically comparison second time immediately after synchronization is completed.
I would like to thank for this wonderful application!

Re: [780 32-bit public beta] Several bugs in function "Synchronize folders"

Posted: 12.11.2018, 20:06
by Marek
Bug 3) fixed in the release 787.