Name Column Not Wide Enough

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Name Column Not Wide Enough

#1 Post by lukebrim » 29.01.2018, 19:50

I have "Autosize for Name column" and "Fill remaining space" checked. There is extra space after the last column. The Name column should be wider to close up this gap.

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Re: Name Column Not Wide Enough

#2 Post by Forez » 01.04.2018, 13:47

I also had some problem with columns width. I ended up turning on the
Autosize for "Name" column
option and choosing the
By item name lenght
for it; and also setting the exact sizes for each Column under the
Max. width (0: no lomit)

And still I have some ~20 pixels added to for example Modified Column. But if I remove as little as even 1 pixel from ii [in the >>Max. width (0: no lomit)<< option] then suddenly the data in is truncated, as if I was missing ~21 pixels

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