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Rename, tab key and Viewer

Posted: 20.01.2018, 13:50
by chris millward
Version 760 32-bit build Public Beta
New addition: The tab key can now be used on rename to advance to and open the next file for renaming

Bug: On Tabbing the viewer is not updated to display the new file to be renamed.
This important (in my case) since the information needed to rename the file is contained in the file.

Bug: If no changes are made, tabbing closes the rename and fails to open the next file for renaming.
Instead it reverts to tabbing between the two windows.
A Carriage return should be required to close the renaming sequence.

Re: Rename, tab key and Viewer

Posted: 21.01.2018, 12:30
by chris millward
Some more observations:
Using Tab will move down the screen but Shift Tab doesn't move up the screen as per windows explorer.
It is very useful to use both to move up and down the screen quickly even if you don't rename every file.

A work around I have used (instead of going back to Explorer) is to:-
Select a file with the cursor, The Viewer will show the file (pdfs)
Press F2 to rename
Make changes
Move the cursor to the next file and click, the viewer shows the next file etc.
Moving the Cursor is not as convenient but it works --- up to a point.

If you are going quickly and press F2 before the viewer has displayed the file the filename is opened for renaming but the viewer fails to show the file!
Clearly then, F2 and the Tab key prevent the viewer from opening.