FTP favorite not working

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FTP favorite not working

#1 Post by Xerus » 11.01.2018, 23:42

Whenever I click on a favorite which contains a FTP connection (like "ftp://www.myserver.de"), the side that should open the connection jumps to FTP for a split-second, but nearly immediately returns to the state it was in before. This even happens when "FTP" is already selected in that side, it just returns to ftp instead of opening the connection.

I use FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740 32-bit public

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Re: FTP favorite not working

#2 Post by Marek » 12.01.2018, 18:11

It works in the current release 768 (and probably in the beta 760 https://freecommander.com/de/downloads-2/).
However the definition of the path must be as

How to define:
- define named ftp connection
- open connection
- in the favorite tree click right button mouse (free space) and select "Add active panel folder"

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