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Relative file references are not normalized before they are used

Posted: 23.12.2017, 13:59
by nagylzs
I'm using FreeCommader in a portable installation. There is a directory that is synchronized across all of my computers, and FreeCommander is in a subfolder. I have several other portable apps installed, and I need to reference them relative to the FreeCommander installation. (Otherwise it would not be portable...)

If I open the favourites toolbar (Ctrl+Shift+Y) and add a folder to the toolbar with absolute path, it works great. If I add a relative reference to a program, it also works. For example, if I add

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then it will start the program. But there is a bug: if I add a relative reference to a folder, then it does not work as expected.

For example, let's suppose that FreeCommander is installed into

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and let's say that I want to create an icon that opens

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. So I create a toolbar icon that points to

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. If I click on this icon, then the file pane opens at this directory:

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. In other words: the path also contains the "parent directory" references, it is not normalized. The file pane actually shows my subfolder, but it is impossible to go into them with Enter. (It is possible to go one directory up, though.)


I hope it is clear what the problem is.