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Images from Samsung not usable

Posted: 22.07.2017, 15:36
by Bruno_Dubois

I want to retrieve images I took with my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy note 4). There was no problems before to copy or cut them from the phone and send them in my PC images folder. Since I upgrade to the last version, I am not able to do so and have to use Windows explorer again to be able to move images.
In the image attached, you will see that the images are not shown as small icons and therefore not manageable. Image

Maybe I have done something wrong, so please tell me if there is a workaround.
All the best,

Re: Images from Samsung not usable

Posted: 23.07.2017, 07:14
by Marek
Please write us your FC and Windows version.
If you have Windows 10, pleas check ... 039#p25765

Re: Images from Samsung not usable

Posted: 23.07.2017, 08:49
by Bruno_Dubois
Hi Marek,

I am indeed under Windows 10 1703 and my FC version was 745. I saw that there were new versions of FC. I then downloaded the latest version and got the 749 version. Now everything is working perfectly and I can even directly change the name of the photos on the phone.
But what did I not received the usual mails informing about the new versions ?
Kind Regards,