Build 742 64-bit donor - missing error

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Build 742 64-bit donor - missing error

#1 Post by jcaiken » 28.03.2017, 23:55

When attempting to re-name a file in the right-hand pane of FreeCommander when it is already open in other software (e.g. a PDF file open in a Viewer), the action cannot be completed but the error warning generated by FreeCommander appears in the left-hand pane.
The warning is not highlighted by use of a different background colour etc. and I missed spotting it as I was so focussed on what was going wrong in the right-hand pane. It took me four or five attempts to realise that a warning was appearing. Could I suggest that even a subtle change in the background colour would have caught my eye.

Note that the warning remains in the left pane when I create the same error in the left-hand pane and it was easily spotted. Showing the error warnings in the same pane or alternatively in the centre of the FreeCommander window may also make them easier to spot.

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