[715] Tree view pane update/refresh issue - deleting folders

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[715] Tree view pane update/refresh issue - deleting folders

#1 Post by Justin » 22.08.2016, 20:53

There appears to be an issue with the Tree View Pane update/refresh when deleting folders.

Steps I used to test/confirm/recreate issue:

1. Started FCXE with default settings and without the plugins /N /NewIni=FreeCommanderTest.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English
2. Tools - Settings - View - Tree - Management Tab - Set Base Folder to "Drive"
3. View - Dual/One Panel (F10)
4. Toggled the Folder Tree Display (Alt-T)
5. Selected a Drive
6. Created a folder in the File/List Pane - [TreeView Test]
7. Selected the newly created folder in Tree View Pane
8. In the File/List Pane, Created 4 Folders, [Folder A] - [Folder D]
9. Expanded the folder list in the Tree View Pane to see the newly created folders A-D

Note: the [TreeView Test] folder is selected/highlighted in the Tree View Pane and I've also clicked on an empty area in the File/List Pane so none of the sub-folders (A-D) are selected/highlighted.

1. In the File/List Pane, right-click [Folder D], Delete -- everything is fine
2. In the File/List Pane, left-click select [Folder C], right-click, Delete -- everything is fine
3. In the Tree View Pane, right-click [Folder B], Delete -- everything is fine (Once again, please note that the [TreeView Test] folder is selected/highlighted).
4. In the Tree View Pane, left-click select [Folder A], right-click, Delete -- Here's the problem.

In my case, the Tree View Pane has gone and selected "Computer" with the File/List Pane refreshing to show the contents of "Computer".
It also seems to have bypassed/ignored the Base Folder Setting as performed in Setup Step #2.

I would have thought that the Tree View Pane would have selected the [TreeView Test] folder and shown me an empty list in the File/List Pane.

I figured that you'd want to know...


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Re: [715] Tree view pane update/refresh issue - deleting folders

#2 Post by mikethetall » 08.08.2018, 21:33

I'm seeing this, too (with cut-and-paste instead of delete)

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