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Favorites lost

Posted: 06.02.2014, 05:45
by anonislis
I had quite some favorites (~20) and when added a new one, what happened is that they all disappeared except one. I closed and started FE again but they were definitely lost.

Re: Favorites lost

Posted: 17.11.2014, 11:49
by nka
Similar problem here, all my favorites removed (except one) when I tried to remove one.

Re: Favorites lost

Posted: 17.11.2014, 12:50
by joby_toss
By default, FC XE is configured to save weekly backups in subfolders into the Settings folder.
Could you browse the last backup folder and see if you have the FreeCommander.fav.xml file? If you do, copy it directly into the Settings folder to restore your favorite folders.
Or FreeCommander.fav.ini file if you're referring to the favorite tools.


Re: Favorites lost

Posted: 09.03.2016, 20:38
by bcalmac
Same problem with version 714. While dragging a folder to the favorites, all the existing ones were lost (along with the categories), except for 3.

And the reason I upgraded to 714 was that in a slightly older version I had lost the favorites. It will probably happen again, because it doesn't seem like the root cause is known.

At least now I know about the backup folder, but it looks like it's discarded when updating to a new version, so I can't benefit from the backups yet.

Environment: Windows 7 64-bit, FreeCommander 64-bit.

Re: Favorites lost

Posted: 09.11.2017, 10:27
by ikua

Had the same problem but could restore it with the instructions above. Thank you. Maybe the problem is connected when you change the favorites and at the same time a backup is made, cause the backupfolder of my college, who had the problem, was only 10 mins old. But could also be a coincidence.



Re: Favorites lost

Posted: 09.11.2017, 18:35
by afh
I had this problem for a very long time (especially when drag and drop a file into the left favorite items), so I always had a backup of my settings for this situation.

For a while now, in version 760 that I use, I haven't had this problem.