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File container - Unexpected behavior

Posted: 09.02.2020, 09:44
by homersimpsonmeingmx
I have a problem, maybe a bug (?).
I'll try to describe it in order that you can reproduce it.

1 ) One folder tab on the left pane, one folder tab on the right pane.
2 ) create a new empty container on the left.
3 ) drag any content from the right to the container.
-> The three buttons add items, remove selected and save are available (OK)
4 ) focus on the right pane.
-> The three buttons are still available (OK)
5 ) change folder on the right pane
-> The three buttons are now disabled (why ?)
6 ) focus on the left (container)
-> The buttons remain disabled (wrong)
7 ) Select the first folder tab on the left (not container)
8 ) Select the container tab once again
-> The buttons are again available (!!!)

I'm using the 810a 32bit public on a Win10 1903 machine.
I wander if there is a rational explanation to this (a feature, not a bug) or if you can fix it.

Best regards, Marco