"Keep expanded nodes per Tab": does not work when closing a tab

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"Keep expanded nodes per Tab": does not work when closing a tab

#1 Post by Strawberry » 19.11.2019, 20:44

Hello guys,

First thank you for continuously improving FC,
in particular there has been some major improvements with regard to the "Keep expanded nodes per Tab" implementation.

Nonetheless there is still a major problem with that setting:
Let's say for example I have 2 tabs opened in one pane, each of these 2 tabs with different expanded nodes:
If I close one tab, the remaining tab (in the same pane) becomes messed up i.e.:
every node that was expanded in the closed tab becomes expanded in the remaining tab.

This should not happen.
When closing a tab it should not have any impact on the trees in any of the remaining tabs.

This is a very annoying bug so if you could fix it as soon as possible that would be very appreciated,
many thanks in advance guys and thank you again for making your best to keep improving FC
so that it becomes more and more usable.

Version 804 32bit
If you need any more info from me regarding this bug/problem and my config/settings please let me know.

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