Use of the FreeCommander XE via remote session on iPad

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Use of the FreeCommander XE via remote session on iPad

#1 Post by ronaldvr2132 » 17.11.2019, 11:44

I use the Microsoft RD Client iOS app to set up a remote desktop connection to my Windows 10 Pro computer and that works just fine. If I however want to do an action on a file where I normally select the file in FreeCommander XE and rightclick on the file to rename for example I have to long press the file and then the selection comes up like if I would have pressed the rightclick button on my mouse. This behavior is just fine as I realize that iOS does not support the rightclick of a mouse (and I guess I should be happy that the latest iPad OS luckily now does support a mouse). The annoying thing that is occurring when I do press the file long by emulating the rightclick of the mouse is that the square that is surrounding the menu options that the rightclick actions show remains visible on the screen even when you go to other programs on your PC (where you are connected to via the RDP session). This happens all the time when I use FreeCommander XE. When I use the standard Windows explorer the outline of the rightclick menu option is going away like expected. Hope the above is explained clear enough and that there is a solution for this unwanted behaviour.

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