History; breadcrumbs

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History; breadcrumbs

#1 Post by JW01 » 10.04.2019, 20:46

After many years of trouble free usage two functions have suddenly stopped working: clicking in the address bar to show history (yes, it is ticked); clicking on a breadcrumb for direct access (it shows it's selected but does nothing so I have to click on the parent folder).
I must have done something but I don't know what.
Any ideas?
Many thanks.

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Re: History; breadcrumbs

#2 Post by brucecy92 » 22.09.2020, 10:21

Thanks for sharing

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Re: History; breadcrumbs

#3 Post by Odamn-Ete » 23.09.2020, 05:26

Make sure you're clicking on the empty space behind the path and not directly on the path.

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