Show folder diff + copy marked?

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Show folder diff + copy marked?

#1 Post by pstein » 25.03.2019, 09:21

Assume I want to compare two directory trees.
I select the first folder in the left pane and the second in the right pane.

How can I tell MC to (auto-expand) the full dirtree and (only) show the different files?
How can I define "difference"?
Files with timestamp differences (only) should be shown as well.

How can I tell MC to copy (only) the currently marked files to the corresponding (sub) directory on the other side?

Thank you

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Re: Show folder diff + copy marked?

#2 Post by ralfso » 25.03.2019, 10:45

Hello Peter,

don't know what "MC" is but your described topics are possible with:

Main menu >>> Folder >>> Synchronize...

There are a lot of options you can set like you want.
All described at:

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