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Details view versus Thumbnails view

Posted: 10.02.2019, 21:16
by acre
Hi all,

I've set up my FC to mimic what MS File Explorer does, WITHOUT all the MS annoyances. I love this program for just that one reason! I have the Tree in the left pane and the file lists for the Tree folders in the right pane. That's all I need.

However, in MS File Explorer you can have some folders list their files in Details view in the right pane, while in others, you can have the folder show its content in Thumbnails view. Can we make the same distinction in FC? For example, most of my Documents folders are set up to show their files in Details view. I have one folder under Documents where I store all my pictures (Pictures). Those pictures are displayed as Thumbnails in the right pane. How can I make FC do the same thing. I tried setting it up under Settings, but all the folder files are displayed as Thumbnails.

Many thanks!

EDIT Oops, I noticed that I had posted this same question a while back. The response was about setting up a Favorites Tree. I tried that, but I am totally stumped as to how that works. Further help would be appreciated. Also, how does one stay logged in to this forum. Every time I close the tab and come back to it, i must log in each time. Very annoying. Thanks...

Re: Details view versus Thumbnails view

Posted: 10.02.2019, 22:51
by Dreamer
I'm not sure if it's available in the latest public version, but it's in the Settings > View > Column profiles/Automatic views > Auto selectable views.

Using the Tabs it's another option, you can lock tabs and have different view type in each tab.

Re: Details view versus Thumbnails view

Posted: 11.02.2019, 01:38
by acre
Thanks Dreamer. I shall check this out.

EDIT I just tried it. It worked, Dreamer!! Many thanks again.