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Help to create a Regex

#1 Post by bigstarblue » 09.01.2019, 05:34

Hi all. Please excuse my English. It is the first time that I post a question in this forum.

I would like to have your help to build a regex that allows me to change the name of a group of files. You will see here an example of what I want to do with the regex.

Old File Name
1 - Getting Started.mp4
2 - Writing Your First.mp4
3 - What to do When Things.mp4
10 - Message Boxes.mp4
16 - For Next Loops.mp4
17 - For Each Loops.mp4
20.1 - Event Procedures.mp4
20.2 - Application Events.mp4
27.1A - Creating Word Documents.mp4
27.1B - Creating and Updating.mp4
27.1C - Creating PowerPoint.mp4
27.2 - Creating Outlook Emails.mp4

New File Name
001 - Getting Started.mp4
002 - Writing Your First.mp4
003 - What to do When Things.mp4
010 - Message Boxes.mp4
016 - For Next Loops.mp4
017 - For Each Loops.mp4
020.1 - Event Procedures.mp4
020.2 - Application Events.mp4
027.1A - Creating Word Documents.mp4
027.1B - Creating and Updating.mp4
027.1C - Creating PowerPoint.mp4
027.2 - Creating Outlook Emails.mp4

The idea is to structure a large volume of files so that they appear in a more orderly manner.

It is possible to do this with a regex in a single pass or it must be carried out in several individual steps.

I would greatly appreciate your help

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