Problem with Virtual Box's shared folders

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Problem with Virtual Box's shared folders

#1 Post by Giangi » 21.11.2017, 13:26


I have just post a question on Virtual Box forum for a problem with its own Shared Folders \\vboxsvr

I'm wondering if it's a VB or FC problem, I guess is a VB's one...

If you do not have access to VB forum here you are my post:

I do heavily use FreeCommander almost everywhere, I use it portable.

Since the last two/three Virtual Box build I cannot use it anymore on VM to reference a shared folder as \\vboxsvr.
At first I thought on a FC problem because I updated it from build 740 to 760 but today I was wrking on an old Win7 vm with build 740 and it's not working!

Right now I'm using the latest VirtualBox 5.2.0 r118431 on a Windows 10 (1703) 64bit host
  • I do not have any problem browsing \\vboxsvr from Windows Explorer
  • from FreeCommander I can browse \\vboxsvr (I guess it's using some os API)
  • ...but when I select a folder from the above browse list (or when I type it directly)
  • ...I get the error "network name cannot be found" (not sure if on a real english system the error is called like this!), the same error one will get when trying to use a mispelled name or a powered off system
Is it possibile that something has been changed on the VirtualBox Shared Folders networking??

Addendum: if I map a \\vboxsvr share then I can use it from the mapped drive!

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