EXTREMELY slow network folder update

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EXTREMELY slow network folder update

#1 Post by Shajirr » 28.09.2017, 16:04

I have a network folder located on another PC accessible via LAN, which thousands of files located in nested folders, but only about 20 top folders in the location I am trying to load.

When I try to load it with FreeCommander, it freezes for a good 10-15 seconds.

Same location opens in Windows Explorer in maybe 1 second top.

I've tested it many times, result is always the same, FreeCommander takes huge amount of time to load it while Explorer loads it in a second or less.
This happens when it tries to do some kind of update, when the update is done the next loading is instant. But then a minute later it will be freezing on update again.

What exactly is happening here? How to fix this?

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