Slow/unresponsive for directories with many files

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Slow/unresponsive for directories with many files

#1 Post by bobheck » 05.09.2017, 20:35

First and foremost, THANK YOU for making a wonderful app!

When I work with folders with many files (over 70,000), FC will become unresponsive or will take minutes to respond, while the Windows Explorer takes just a second or two. And this is just opening the directory. Doing anything with many of those files, just forget it in FC.

Now this is a network mapped drive and I have tried all of the options about networking with FC and restarted every time after changing the settings. The only way I can get FC to even list the files is to use Windows for networking, but it still takes many seconds or a minute to respond. Using FC for networking, FC will go non-responsive after a few minutes and I have to kill the process.

Even when using Windows within FC, it is many, many times slower than Windows Explorer is just opening the directory to even see the files. Directories with only a few hundred files, no problem. But try 75,000 files, FC just does not work.

Am I not setting something right?

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