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How to open every new tab with details view?

Posted: 16.08.2017, 10:36
by Ninde

first of all, please forgive me if some expressions I may use seem odd or incorrect, I'm not an English native speaker.

I've just started using FreeCommander and I'm amazed at how flexible and encompassing it is. I'm still working out all settings and features.

However, I've come across a problem I can't seem to solve, maybe I've just not found the correct setting for it. I'd like to open every new tab with the details view. Right now, new tabs seem to open with the view their "parent" tab has. For example, I have locked some tabs that use the miniature view. Any subfolder will open in a new tab right next to it also using the miniature view. However, I want these subfolders to open with details view. Is there any setting to achieve that?