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DOS Windows

Posted: 10.08.2017, 12:36
by GroupeTAQ
This post is somewhat tricky:

I need to call a program named dbDOS Pro 6 when i open a DOS Windows from FreeCommander. This is easy using the the settings/view/DOS Prompt. The bug is that the directory doesn't pass to the program I call...
It is possible to know the code used to pass the directory from FreeCommander to the DOS Windows or something like that. I could then try to program a patch between the 2 programs...

Thanks in advance.

Re: DOS Windows

Posted: 10.08.2017, 12:49
by Timon
Since FC XE 2015 release 700 public beta implemented: DOS-Prompt specification - now %ActivDir% variable is enabled

Re: DOS Windows

Posted: 15.08.2017, 15:02
by GroupeTAQ
Thanks for the info.
I will try to use this variable with my workaround...