Copying files from Anroid/camera not working

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Copying files from Anroid/camera not working

#1 Post by fcny » 21.07.2017, 01:47

I am using FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740 32-bit public on a Win 10 64 bit i7 system.

I recently noticed that I can use FreeComander to browse to a USB device like my Samsung S4, or a Canon camera, and go through directories, but I can not copy files from those devices over to my PC. I'm sure I used to do this.

I browse to my phone/camera select one or more files, right click them ... I see a rotating cursor (saying "ok, I'm doing something ?) then nothing.
I can not even drag over a single file.

I've verified I can still do this using Windows Explorer. Is this a known issue ?

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