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FC XE + Listary (browsing not workin)

Posted: 19.08.2016, 12:59
by Enderswood
hello, i have a little issue...

i discover FreeCommander with listary. i have see listary and FC are compatible, so i download it and i like it :)

i then have use middle clic to display the listary menu with my shortcuts, the listary windows appear, no problem (even if it apear if i middle clic on desktop too.. so not sure if there is a link or not).... but when i clic on one favorite... nothing happen, FC stay in the current folder

i have look for specific settings, but dont have found anything... can someone help me plz ?

using Windows 10 x86

Re: FR XE + Listary

Posted: 19.08.2016, 16:55
by joby_toss
Did you follow these instructions? ... le-manager


And check this topic out: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3450

Re: FR XE + Listary

Posted: 19.08.2016, 16:59
by Enderswood
I did :)

if FC is closed, it open it at desired location on left pannel.

if its already open, nothing happen, i stay on current folder

Re: FR XE + Listary

Posted: 19.08.2016, 17:35
by joby_toss
OK, just tried it myself (not using Listary except for testing) and you're right, it doesn't seem to work when XE is open. And when it's closed, it opens with the specified folder, but the tab is not updating the path (still displaying the previous one). There must be some setting we're missing somewhere...

Only the browsing doesn't seem to work, other features like Command prompt or Copy Folder Path to Clipboard seem to work fine.

Using Win 10 x64, XE v726 x64 portable, Listary v5.0.2410.0 portable.