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Change case

#1 Post by gazac » 13.06.2016, 09:28

I know that you can Change case from Multi rename,
but there is a button for Change case, but it is grayed out & I can't get it to work

Any one know why


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Re: Change case

#2 Post by Karol » 13.06.2016, 09:42

In the very old version was an separate dialog for change case (I think the button was for the dialog and now should be removed).
Now you should use multi rename.

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Re: Change case

#3 Post by FreeMan » 13.02.2019, 17:46

The button is still there on the current version (build 790a 32 bit public) and always grayed out. I was also confused until I read this.

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Re: Change case

#4 Post by stephen147 » 22.05.2019, 11:04

I came here to ask that also.

It would be convenient to reinstate it to quickly change case only.
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