Is there difference between "modified"/"last access" column?

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Is there difference between "modified"/"last access" column?

#1 Post by cadudesun » 14.08.2015, 00:29


I set both columns "modified"/"last access" column in FreeCommander then I went to the recent folder (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent). I thought:

"last access" => last time the file was opened/read
"modified" => last time the file content was modified/written

However, the time stamp presented in both columns seems overall the same.

Is there any difference between "modified"/"last access" column, or are they the very same?


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Re: Is there difference between "modified"/"last access" col

#2 Post by Odylg » 13.12.2015, 19:52

139 items, all have have identical modified/last access. Weird. Maybe opening and reading count as modifying?

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